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AMG Realty Inc

What’s your company name?
AMG Realty Inc
How long have you been in business?
started in May of ’13. A carry over from a company that started in ’10
What makes you different from other property management companies?
Asset Management Group
1st: Communication is what we strive to do well and what I think we’ve accomplished. Everything we do is very personal. All of our clients have access to personal cell phone messages. We responded to the need for a property management business in Oahu that had great communication. We want to make sure that our service levels are great. Our clients care about the thought process we have to provide care and understanding of their investments.

2nd: How we run our business (Garrett is a CPA). Our clients trust me on when to buy/sell/hold because of my expertise.

Are we advertising to tenant? Owners? Both?
Both Tenant and Owners
Which of the below options describes your company best?
Property Manager
What state are you located in?
Name four cities/towns you provide management services.
honolulu, hawaii kai, mililani, aiea, salt lake